Got A Warning Message About Power Surge in USB Port Arduino was plugged into

After that surge warning, the Lilypad Arduino is acting strangely. It seems that it is only recognized by my computer and receives power only when I hold it at a certain angle. I currently have it set up to an LCD screen and will look over the wiring to make sure it is correct before plugging it in again. I hope I haven't run too much power through the board. Another concern of mine was heat from a soldering iron. I did a lot of soldering which I hope didn't cause the board to overheat or something terrible like that.

The message indicates there is a short-circuit somewhere.

Having to hold it at an angle suggests you have a loose connection somewhere.

You may need to disconnect everything to verify if the board is causing the short or the LCD.

I believe it was the length of my wires that was causing the short. I have everything connected to a breadboard currently and some of the wires were too long and curling up. I haven't gotten a surge notification since. I think what is causing the problem now is the usb attachment for the lilypad itself. It is very loose on the connecting pins and wobbles up and down considerably. I can hear the notification noise for the computer recognizing the arduino, and almost immediately after the noise that it is being unplugged sounds. (It's plugged in the entire time). Is there a way to tighten this? I'd hate to have to order another one; this has to be finished by Wednesday.