GUI for Serial Data

Hello Fellow Arduiniuns, As i told u a few months back regarding the solar car telemetry design based on Arduino..I have been given the task of making a GUI for the serial communication with sensors that carries data from all 6 analog ports.The data will be serially fed into a low power netbook( running on solar energy). The prob is :

  • Which language to use?C#,Python or any other..( i have no experience in any of these..what i know best is C++/C and i want to make it as easy as possible ;))
  • How to take the project out of the protoboard to a final pcb?

One out of the box question>> Has any body here developed/heard about an MSP430 based Arduino??

Thanks in advance

Processing is really easy language, you can use it to get data of the serial port and display it graphically. Arduino IDE is baced on it. there is a great tutorial that explains how to do it:

Thanks Kirill.. This didnt although completely solved the the prob.( bUT gAVE ME A HINT) but cleared out my basics on serial communications.. I have finally decided to use firmata and arduino library on processing and then display the stuff on an image in photoshop that will somewhat serve the purpose.. Thanks for the help.. I love u guys at this forum ..u kinda help whenever one needs it without delay..I salute ur dedication :D