GY-91 for Flight Controller (MultiWii/ArduCopter)?

Hi all, I am relatively new to arduinos and new to this forum. I am attempting to build an arduino based drone/quadcopter for a school project and am having some complications.
I am using an atmega328p chip along with a GY-91 gyro/accelerometer board, which it seems there is a large shortage of information for online… I am trying to use the MultiWii arduino program in order to test the gyro function of the board, although when I download and test it there is no gyro response at all.

In multiwii, there are a large amount of selectable boards in the config.h library, including the GY-80, 81, 85, 86, 88, etc, however not the GY-91. I have tested several of them, though is there one in particular I should use to be compatible with my board, or is it not possible? Do i need to somehow add the GY-91 to the program, and how large of a task would this be? Or should I look at getting a different board, or using an alternative program? Would arducopter/ardupilot be easier/more compatible to use?

I have attached a schematic of my circuit I made (I also connected the reset pin to DTR of the serial/usb board using a 0.1uF cap) and here is a link to the multiwii program I am trying to use; Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
And here is the GY-91;
10DOF – GY-91 4-in-1 MPU-9250 and BMP280 Multi-Sensor Module – Art of Circuits

Any advice/guidance/help would be very much appreciated, thank you for your time. If you need any more information or anything at all feel free to ask

Update, the gyro works and so do the sensors, in the software you can see the throttle roll yaw and pitch move up and down with the controller, you can also see an arm switch.

However, after arming the drone the motors do not spin and instead just beep alot every time you move a thumbstick up or down, I have been struggling with this for days, does anyone have any ideas?

It is not throttle trims issues or anything, it is detecting the arm switch as you can see it arm in the software when connected to a PC.

Hello! have you any update how to run Gy91?

I was able to make it work.
Included BMP280 code from:

COnfigured it as independent sensors: 6050, BMP280, AK8975
Modified the address for the 6050 to 0x69
Address of BM280 0x77

If you need I can upload the whole set

I am recently started to build a drone with multiwii and I am using a BMP 280 sensor getting no help.
Added support BMP280 Sensor by Jovian-Dsouza · Pull Request #26 · multiwii/multiwii-firmware · GitHub I could not find anything, would you like to help me?

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