Has anyone tested these samd21 boards yet?



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Dang! Other posts reported to mods.

I’ve added the pic I was trying to post.

Found a picture of the underside.

The site where I found this pic offers a schematic and data sheet, but they are the Sparkfun samd21 breakout. Perhaps the board above is a clone of that, but clearly not identical.

I finally got an answer from the eBay vendor:

Hi, does this board have Arduino Zero bootloader or other Arduino bootloader installed?

Hello many sorry for the late reply.
Yes,it has installed.
And here are document:
SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout - DEV-13664 - SparkFun Electronics
GitHub - sparkfun/SAMD21_Mini_Breakout: A miniature SAM21G Breakout, in the form factor/pin-out of a Pro Mini.

Hope it will help you.