Have I Fried my L293d driver??

i gave a 12v , 1500mAh dc battery to my L293d driver at the motor input pins… now its not working… Have i fried it??

....1500mAh dc battery to my L293d driver at the motor input pins..

What pins? The motor pins are outputs and you are not supposed to apply voltage there.

The power supply (Vcc) can be up to 36V. The input pins can handle up to 7V but they are TTL (5V) compatible so they should be driven by the Arduino's 5V output pins.

If it's not working, you might have fried it. :stuck_out_tongue: The 1500mAh rating on the battery isn't important. The actual current depends on the voltage and the load impedance/resistance (Ohm's Law).

The amp-hour rating of the battery is a measure of energy storage capacity... 1.5 Amps for one hour, or 150mA for 100 Hours, etc.

i gave the supply via pin 8 of the driver.. Is that correct?

I lost three of my L293d drivers in a day... I havent gave 5v to the enable pins and the vcc1... but it worked perfectly... Within 15 minutes it got fried.. Could it be a reason that i havent gave the 5v???

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