HDMI Display issues

Hello everyone,

I have issues regarding the HDMI output.

Everything displayed on my monitor is dark, like if there is a very low luminosity. I can barely see logo from the VidorDrawLogo sketch and the logo displayed on bootloader mode. Same with the MIPI camera, there is an unpredictable shadow appearing in front of the camera and it displays poor colours.

I have updated the bootloader and have the last version of the libraries.

I am also using a VGA screen with a micro-HDMI to VGA converter (I have no other way to display micro-HDMI).

Thanks in advance for your help!


I finally managed to make it work with a LCD display through HDMI only.

My guess : The VGA converter doesn't work because the vidor use the DVI protocol instead of the HDMI protocol.


I think most likely adapter don't support used resolution + refreshrate.

Other may be powering problem if used from usb.