heart rate monitor connected to board to motor

I'm working on a project that would involve connecting a heart rate monitor to control a small motor most likely via bluetooth. Is this feasible with the arduino board, and if so which on would work best?

That should be possible, depending on what kind of output/connection you have from the heart monitor.

It's fairly straightforward to take an analog or digital input and "make decisions in software" to control a motor. And depending on what your needs are, you can drive a servo motor, stepper motor, or a "regular" DC motor. (You'll need a driver circuit except for servos which have a built-in driver.)

Are you saying the heart monitor has Bluetooth? You can get a Bluetooth shield for the Arduino, but I don't know much about it.

I second what DVDdoug said (and asked).

HC-05 modules are about $4 on ebay and work great with an Arduino but they might not work with a Bluetooth heart monitor.

I think something like a Nano would be a good choice if you're looking for a small board. The Nano includes a USB connection. I also like Pro Mini boards (clones are a few dollars) but they require a USB to serial converter (available for a few dollars).