Help!! Barcode activated lock

hi guys, thanks for reading. Im new to these kinds of things and require assistance.

Im making a lock that opens when the scanner scans a barcode. I also need a computer or a device to record the scanned data. How do i do that?

Post a link to the scanner.

Just a simple handheld usb scanner connected to a computer

Is it your first project? If yes, drop it ;) For a first project it's way to complicated. First do some projects with just an Arduino. Because when you want to include the computer you also have to make code for the computer to run.

i have to do this project for work.

anyway i have coding experience. im just not clear on the hardware required

Okay, but t would be easier if you could just find an old non USB type reader. Like a serial or PS/2 one. Those are easy to interface directly to an Arduino.

If you have to use a USB style you have two options
a) Use a computer and send info to a Arduino
b) Use a micro controller with USB. But you have to do all the USB driver stuff yourself

So I’m guessing you go for a. You can just make a simple program to read the code, store it and compare against a database. (Here is all the work / coding) And just send a signal for open or close to an Arduino. (That’s like 10 lines of code… Just send and receive a Serial command)

So yeay, it’s more a computer program issue then. So if you have programming experience you should be fine :wink: