Help! Geckodrive G203v set up with nema 23 double stack skipping steps

Hello everyone,

I need help with a system I built, the guy that was helping me with the firmware walked out of the project now I'm stuck and I have no experience with arduino. I just installed a geckodrive G203v on my azteeg x3 pro board and my nema 23 motors are still skipping.

They run on 5A and 48v, I've been reading and it seem that I need to change the PWM settings or step timing so the board can send step and direction signals at the right speed. The motors heat up tremendously and the system skips randomly.

Any guidance or help on where and how to make these changes would be greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to take a look at the firmware I will be glad to send it, just PM me

Thanks everyone!

The usual requests …

  • Please post your program using the code button </>
so it looks like this
  • Post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motor.
  • Please make a pencil drawing showing all the wiring connections and post a photo of the drawing.
  • Please describe in as much detail as possible the circumstances in which the motor misses steps.

Stepper motor control does not use the Arduino’s PWM capabilities.

You may get some useful stuff in stepper motor basics. I don’t think it mentions Gecko drives but they should work fine with an Arduino.


the steppers will get HOT. you are delivering a LOT of power to them.

you MUST send a step signal. not pwm.

I cannot stress how important pulse timing is.

you cannot pause to get serial input, read sensors, write data,,, any delay() you have is going to cause problems.

think of it like you are driving at 50 kph, then slam on the brakes, get out check the tire pressure, then gat back in and start driving.

chances are your code needs a little tweaking to make it work.