help how can I connect 5(five) GY-521 on one Arduino Uno R3 board?

Can anyone help? I want to use 5 gyroscopes on one arduino board. Can anyone tell me how can I connect (wire) them and how will be program code?

I want to use 5 gyroscopes on one arduino board.

Why? What do you expect one to tell you that the others aren't? Which gyroscopes are you planning to use? Post a link.

I just need them (GY-521), for fingers motion, can you help me? (I have already done project for one or two gyros, but no idea how can I use 5 of them together)

can you help me?

I asked you for a link. You said no. So, I will too.

A link is something that you can click on. Your "link" is broken.

Try finding a site that has more useful information than what color box they are going to ship the product in.

there was not box, there was some plastic package, colored like light blue

MPU-6050, I2C interface. One way is to add an I2C MUX so that up to 8 can have the same I2C address to whatever is talking to them.

Looking at the MPU-6050 datasheet, that's going to be an interesting chip to program for!

well done, but can I use 5 gyros without any other parts? like I2C MUX

Someone posted using the Address select line as a "chip select". Keep all 5 high, and take 1 low to address the chip at the A0 = low address.