Help identifying the pins on this LCD module

Hi everyone, my first post (I think !).

I have an LCD module I bought some years ago, but I can't find any info on it to tell me what the pins are. It is labelled as a JHD 162, but any searching on that shows a different (sub)board with only 4 pins, whereas mine has 14 pins (5+9). The chip on the sub-board is a cy8c21534 which I think is a generic microcontroller.

I'd like to know exactly what the board is, or a link to description of pins, or someone to just tell me what the pins are.

Any help appreciated.


There's a bit of text on the silkscreen that says I2C SERIAL. Without closer inspection of the backpack, I'd hazard a guess that the 5-pin connector could be power & I2C CLK + DATA. The larger connector may be there to interface to some buttons etc.

If you know the part num of the onboard micro, then you might be able to follow (or buzz out) some tracks from the hardware I2C pins to the connector(s).

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Undoubtedly it is a 1602 LCD screen, with an unrecognizable interface, it may be what the friend @ markd833 says, but we would have a pin for the I2C bus in that 5 connector.
That interface is rare in DYC projects, and I am inclined to think that it works for some special type of MCU, and that it would be impossible to make it work.
My advice is that you remove that interface and put a more standard one for I2c communication like this: LINK
Or you can also use it without an interface, there is a lot of information on the network about how to do it.

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este chip na PCB superior é um ucontrolador:

RV mineirin

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Thanks guys. I grabbed a meter and buzzed out what I could, I can find power and ground on the five pins connection, but nothing else is obvious. A new LCD with modern I2C interface is so cheap it's hardly worth changing the interface, but I found a modern 4 pin interface board for a couple of bucks, so I ordered one, but coming from China it'll probably take a few months to get to me in Australia. For about $6-7 I can get a whole new display with interface locally in Australia :slight_smile:


Yeah but for $20 on Amazon you can get x8 16X2 I2C Lcds It is a good bargain just search "weewooday 1602 I2C lcd on amazon"

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