Help me identify

Mailman brought me 4 of these today, did not order and no return address and no documentation.

My current interest is addressable LED’s and they resemble that. So small I had to fire up the digital microscope to capture image…Any info much appreciated!

That is what they are, and you might find a part number on the side of the case.

Looks like an SK6812 (a near-clone of WS2812) RGBW LED mounted on a little PCB.

Try talking to them like that - the major libraries support.

Looks to me like one of those addressable RGB or RGBW LEDs. Like a WS2812B – but NOT, because of that semi-circular yellow region that looks like a white LED. The Din and Dout, suggest these are serially addressable, but the yellow region suggests these have a White channel.

Perhaps, these SK6812 breakouts: