help on uploading data to apache server

hi guys i need help on how to upload the data collected from my sensors to an apache server setup by my raspberry pi i am using an arduino yun . i am new to this kind of stuff so any help is appreciated

What do you want to do, exactly?

Upload small amounts of data, like sensor readings, and have them stored somewhere on the raspberry pi? That requires a couple of components - you need a database to store the data in, and a webapp to interface with said database. That's why people often talk about a webserver stack (for example, LAMP - linux, apache, MySQL and PHP) - you need more than just apache to make a useful webapp.

You can probably also find some pre-made or partially-pre-made solutions for this online - it's a very common thing to want to do. There are also a number of cloud services that do this (those require internet access, and you don't have full control over the server anymore, but are often the fastest route towards getting something that works)

yes i want to send the data to the raspberry pi through http so what are the steps i need to achieve it ?
the data is something like this .
I have a few question is first how can i get these data and send them to the pi and next is what type of "settings" i have to do to make this kind of transfer using http work. sorry for my bad english

Have a look at "Phant". It's a easy-to-use web-service from Sparkfun. >
It allows you to post data to their servers and have a look at it in a table and/or a trend graph.

If you really want the data on your own server, look at the source code of the "phant" library.
It's quite simple and you could use it for your own server just by changing the server's IP-address.
It uses HTTP-POST-Requests. That's what you need to transfer the data from your arduino to your PI.

On your server side (RasPI), it depends what you're trying to do. Do you want to store historical data?
Do you just want to take some immediate action?

Please describe exactly what you're about to do if you need further assistance.
How fast do you want to collect data? How long do you want to store it?
Also, tell us what you're skills are. Do you know what HTTP or TCP is? Do you know what a database is?
Are you able to write programs in other languages (like C#, PERL, Java, Python, ...)?

How are you getting the data to the RPi from the Arduino?
Bluetooth? Ethernet? Wifi? 433Mhz? IRled?

A python script is easy to set up to insert values in to a mySQL table hosted on your Rpi.

Use mySQL connector: MySQL :: MySQL Connector/Python Developer Guide :: 1 Introduction to MySQL Connector/Python

Or just make your own php page on the Pi that does the mySQL requests and post values to it using httplib/urllib

The atheros/linux on the yun board should be capable to run an http server in itself. Or some basic port forwarding between avr 32u4 and internet