[Help] only Adafruit for individually addressable LED strip?

I know that I have a stupid question, but please help!!

I am a first-time Arduino user, so I don't have a concrete idea on what to buy...

So, what I want to do is controlling LED strip for my exhibition.
Specifically, controlling lighting time of each LED on the LED bar. (I mean, not lighting every LED at once)

To do this, only Adafruit RGBW strips(I need white) can work?
Or, can I buy any LED strips that have 5V/GND/+/- on the ends?

You can use any addressable LED strip. This is indicated by the LED strip having at least a data line, or a data and clock line in the case of the APA102 (AKA "DotStar" in Adafruit marketing speak).

You cannot use the non-addressable LED strips for this purpose. Those can only be controlled as an entire strip rather than individual LEDs.

There is nothing magical about the Adafruit LED strips. They are just the standard addressable LEDs but Adafruit gave them fancy names. That name comes with Adafruit's excellent customer service and hopefully some care in sourcing but likely a price increase as well.

You can get white from any RGB LED strip by turning each colour component to the same value. But remember white is always slightly tinted no matter if it is from a white LED or three colour components. With RGB you can control the tint as well as you can with white full on and a small colour component.

Thank you so much!