Help selecting linear sensor

Needing input for selecting linear distance sensor. Movement range 0 to 300 mm and need 1mm resolution. Researched tof sensors but with 3% margin of error those seem to not have the needed resolution.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

You might be able to interface to a cheap pair of digital callipers.

This looks interesting:

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There are many types of distance sensors.

Tell us about your project, and the constraints on the sensor.

I am assuming this is an Arduino application, am I correct. Which Arduino are you looking at? I used 10 turn mechanical pots designed for this type of application, but without knowing the mechanics, cycle life, environment etc I do not think we can come up with a good answer. Also is this one of a kind or are you going to make a lot of them, this will impact the cost.

You are correct. Arduino Mega project. Will need to measure movement of slide between 0 and 300 mm. Life cycle will be almost constant. Environment will be my basement. Mechanics not sure what to say.. back and forth??? Will need two sensors. Cost .. < $ 25.00 each.

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Not sure what to say about constraints. Just need a distance sensor o to 300 mm with 1mm accuracy.

You answered most when you said your basement. That keeps the environment clean, temperatures reasonable, power relative clean, and it appears to be a one of a kind. Have fun and let us know how you do.

thanks.. Will look into that.. Great idea.

See the vl53l1 datasheet pag 23:

" White target Max. distance detection 320 cm 320 cm - 70 cm 90 cm
Accuracy - - 1 %

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