Help With 2.4"TFT 240*320 V1.3

Hi, i have this LCD

and i don't know how to use it. I don't have any Shield so i connect it with jumper cables, but I don't get it to work, the screen goes blank. What can I do? I need to use a New Library (until now I've been using the UTFT library), or i need to get a Shield? I need to connect to an Arduino Mega 2560 and I only need to display text only. Any help is good. Thanks

Quick Note:


*ILI9325 240RGBx320 a-Si 262K color TFT controller
*ADS7843 compatible touch panel controller
*Standard SD card cage
*Support 16 bit RGB565 format , can connect any 16 bit data bus
*Onboard 3.3V regulator require a single 5V supply
*3.3V I/O voltage level tolerance
Module Size : 75(L) * 55(W) 14mm(h) including connector

Ok, so here it is. First, look at the back of the circuit board on the display and note the DB0-DB15 pins. You need to connect them as follows:

DB0 -> 22
DB1 -> 23
DB2 -> 24
DB3 -> 25
DB4 -> 26
DB5 -> 27
DB6 -> 28
DB7 -> 29

DB8 -> 37
DB9 -> 36
DB10 -> 35
DB11 -> 34
DB12 -> 33
DB13 -> 32
DB14 -> 31
DB15 -> 30

Once you have the DBX pins connected, you can connect the 4 control pins as below.

RS -> 38
WR -> 39
CS -> 40
RST -> 41

Finally, you'll need to connect VCC to +5V and GND to Ground.

In any of the examples, you'll want to edit the code to create the UTFT object to match your display driver, ILI932D_16.

UTFT myGLCD(ILI9325D_16,38,39,40,41);   // Remember to change the model parameter to suit your display module!

Looks like the display has 3.3V logic levels so this is likely to be a problem when interfacing to a Mega...

Looks like the display has 3.3V logic levels so this is likely to be a problem when interfacing to a Mega...

Oh those little details...

You will need to add logic level shifters otherwise the display will most likely not work no matter how it is connected to the Mega and might well be damaged permanently.

Typically these unbuffered boards are used with buffer shields like this or this.. Those may not be compatible with the particular display you have, so contact the retailer you purchased your display from to see if they can provide a compatible one.

These boards incorporate LVC245 buffers that perform the level translation from 5V to 3.3V.

Ok thank you guys :slight_smile: I will buy a new one, because I broke it applying it 5 volts to DB Inputs, and the next time i will use a Shield or a level shifter.