Help with a 555 timer and a stubborn buzzer

hi !
I am having A LOT of trouble with this buzzer who doesnt like to buzz apparently. It is connected to a 555 timer. It is supposed to buzz when there is water on the rain detector. The LED lights up, but the speaker doesn't buzz. I must have re-connected the circuit at least 20 times and I can't seem to find anyone to help me.

Thank you guys

IS there an Arduino anywhere in your circuit?

no there isn't , I was just completly desesperate and needed help

Please posts your images here on the forum when you can, so we can see them.
What does the wave form generated by the 555 look like?
Do you have the technical specifications on the buzzer? Like voltage required and current being used?

i posted links to the images, can you see them ? How do i know what the wave look like? THe buzzer is a 0.2 W 8 ohm buzzer, there is no voltage or current specifications.

thank you so much for answering

Looks like the buzzer is just a small speaker as it’s ac coupled

does it make a difference ?

If true, the why does the OP think it will "buzz"? Inquiring minds, etc.

Rain Alarm Project | Rain Water Detector Circuit Applications this is the source I'm taking the project from

Very much so , items sold as “buzzers” run off DC and just wing get any power in that circuit . The mention of “8 ohm” is a clue - it’s a speaker

so i should buy a buzzer instead of a speaker ?

What is it you want to happen?

i want the buzzer or speaker to make a soung when there is water on the rain detector ( when the circuit is closed )

you should use a buzzer instead of that speaker. but you can still test if your circuit is good. replace the c4 capacitor with a 1k resistor and use an LED instead of that speaker. if the LED light up after adding water, then the circuit is good.

ok thank you so much, if the oscillator in the timer is burned, will it still work with a buzzer or should i buy a new one ?

if the 555 IC is burned, it wont work with a buzzer, you can buy a new one if you want. but test the one u have first

i tested it with the led and the resistor and the led doesnt light up

the LED lights up !

good one. then just get a buzzer