Help with Arduino

I'm pretty much a noob at stuff regarding arduino, but i have a good idea of how it works.

I want to make a tank that is controlled from my PC to Arduino wirelessly.

I want to add:

  • a wireless camera (not controlled by arduino)
  • a turret with 2 servos: 1 pressing on the trigger and another panning the turret
  • 2 motors to move the tank, each separately controlled to turn the tank
  • a laser pointer that is turned on and off with a servo pushing on the button

The tank isn't going to be very big and doesn't have to move very fast.

Will this work out?

Power wise, I can figure it out myself, but if i do need help, i'll post the specs when I get an exact idea of what im going to put i the tank.

Again, i'm noob with arduino so please help me out here :slight_smile:

yes it can... google "arduino tank" thats a pretty cool project :wink:

As Chris Mitchell said, “yes it can”

However since you have told us that you are a complete “noob with Arduino”; I will recommend that if you really want success with your tank project, that you start small and work through the various lessons (simple projects) that are shown in, The Complete Beginners Guide to the Arduino (there is a lengthy series of posts about the guide at

Or you can go directly to to download the PDF version.

Work through the guide over a couple of weeks and you will have gained a good Arduino foundation and be ready to tackle your big opus electronicus (tank project). However even then, you would do well to get it working one function at a time (e.g. get the two drive motors working before you try to integrate the turret, then get the turret working, then the other accessories).

Also with the use of a simple transistor based circuit, you will be able to eliminate a servo to turn the laser pointer on and off)

Start small, see if you can alter the speed of blinking in the blink sketch, then move on to seeing you can turn an LED on with a switch through the arduino, then........






Build and program a Tank.