Help with Blue Smirf PLEASE!!!!!!

I just got my Blue Smirf gold (rp sma) in the mail yesterday and from all of the tutorials I read it was a cake walk to set up but my module is not doing anything.

What I can do right now is power up the module and change any settings that I want which is how it should be but when its in normal data mode or fast data mode it doesn't transmit or receive any data at all. Only the green light is on (the red light is off unless I enter command mode). So its not my computer or blue tooth dongle because I am transmitting and receiving data with the module in command mode. I don't think the arduino is the problem because I connected the blue smirf directly through a ttl to rs 232 converter to my computer and no data was transmitted or received. All of the settings like the baud rate ect... were the same.

So how do I fix the module, is there a setting or something that I have to change like putting it in master mode or something or is my blue smirf fried?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I made a little progress, I made a program on the arduino to just print 5's in and endless loop to the blue smirf. To my suprise when I opened up the putty serial client there were pages and pages of 5's being printed. So now I am going to try to send data since I now know that I can receive data.

Ok I tried to send data to the module and I have used 3 different programs but none of them seem to work at all. The module sends data from the arduino to the computer without a problem in fact I had it printing "Hello!" in putty over and over (thousands of times) without any problems.

However when I send data to the module over Bluetooth nothing happens, no lights blink or change, and the arduino still awaits serial data. Right now I am running code on the arduino that starts the serial at 9600 baud and then awaits serial data, if the serial data is equal to H then it sets LED pin 13 high if its L it sets LED pin 13 to low.

If I remove the Bluetooth module and connect directly to the arduino with a USB cable it works perfectly. But when I remove the cable, attach the module, and reset it nothing happens. This is becoming a pain because the reason I got it was to control a bunch of relays remotely and all its doing now is sending me data not the other way around.

Is there a setting or something that needs to be changed to get it to receive and pass on data?

I would REALLY appreciate any help, I have been trying to get this to work for 2 days now when it should have only taken 10 minutes.

There was another Blue Smirf thread. You may want to check on there to see if
there is anything helpful.

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I have been trying to get this thing working for like 5 hours now, I have read every tutorial and the only answer I can come up with is that my module is in some sort of 1 way communication. I did a serial loop back and I got no response back when sending stuff yet if I send $$$ it will enter command mode. So far the module only allows data to come from the arduino to my computer.

If anyone knows if there is a setting or command that causes this please tell me, I am looking through the data sheet trying to figure it out right now.

Are you sure, that your module is in Auto-connect mode? Please see pp. 5 of User Guide For: Roving Networks? Bluetooth® Serial Module Command Set.

Best, Peter.