Help with creating a PCB that holds a Arduino Yun

Hi All!

i have a nice project here that collects some data and sends it to the cloud. For this i have
been using a Yun.

No i get requests to make more, so i thought i'd step away from prototyping and build a
simple PCB . It should hold 2 HX 711 modules and an arduino Yun.

So, basically, how do i get started with this. I looked into Fritzing but they only provide a
layout of the Yun , not in a mirrored way so i could just plug the arduino into female
headers i solder on the pcb.

Any tips where to start or simular projects i could learn from?

thanks !

Eagle. I believe there are Arduino templates that you can use.

I have been using Kicad for drawing schematics and turning them into PCBs and there is also EasyEDA but each program has its foibles so you may need to try them out

If you want to stick with fritzing just put some connectors onto the PCB in the right place so you can mount your Yun upside down on the board - you might find the network connector too tall ? I’m unsure .

You could use a different board - Nano every? - that can be soldered direct onto a PCB .

One thing to keep in mind is that, as far as the location of the headers goes, the Yun is the same as an Uno. You will probably have an easier time finding resources related to the ultra popular Uno than the less successful Yun. The Ethernet connector can possibly be an issue.

As far as the Ethernet connector goes, I only have a Yun Rev2 and it has a nice low profile connector that would only cause a problem if you put a component on the bottom of the board in that area. It looks like the original Yun has a different connector that could run into the PCB. Even on the Uno, that can be a problem with some shields.