Help with force sensor repair / replace

I have a race simulator pedal set that uses a load cell that is broken. i want to replace the broken load cell with a sensor that is more reliable. I have seen others that have modified pedals with flexiforce sensors. I would like to go the same route. The broken load cell looks like a half bridge strain sensor design similar to the 50kg one offered on It has three wires. I've been reading for 4 days on load cell circuits , wheatstone bridges everything i have tried i have had results with . My question is the pcb has three wires, red , black and white . when i connect a meter to red and black i have a reading of -3.25 volts , when i move ground over from black to white i have a reading of +3.25volts. The software for pedal calibration will not register with the other methods , but when i connect the red and white together i have full brake. Don't make sense to me why the other methods will not work if white is an excite wire and red power , then why wouldn't a different load cell work. I have used a pot from an xbox pedal set and using that worked for the brake. I would like stay away from pots and use a force/strain sensor of some sort. thanks in advance