Help with FTDI

Hi guys

I've been trying to flash a Multiwii SE with an FTDI that I bought and can't the computer to read it.

I installed the drivers from the FTDI website and rolled the installation guide and I never got a port to open in device manager. I checked the program manager and the drivers have been installed.

The FTDI I'm using is a CRIUS(stamped) blue basic breakout 5v. I checked the chip under the a magnifier and all the info is there including the FTDI logo and the ft232rl.

I'm using Windows 7HP 64 OS

I did check all my USB's and its a no go.

I also read about counterfeit chips that widows was blocking so I installed and ran mprog3.5 from FTDI website and checked it using the programs scan and read tools and still no device is found.

Before I send it back ( to which they are just gonna check it and send it back if it really works) is there anything else I can do to make sure it's not user error and not the device?

In the Arduino IDE there is a list of programmers under "tools"-"programmers". Which one of these do I choose for either an FTDI or a UART.

The FTDI is not a "programmer", so it doesn't matter what tools/programmers is set to.
When it's working, it will show up as a serial port, and if your target board has a serial bootloader (like an Arduino), then you can use the "upload" command, which also ignores the tools/programmer setting (it talks to the bootloader via the serial port.)

Thank you great explanation!

Ok got my UART today and downloaded the drivers and everything is good. Now it's time to hook it up to my Multiwii so I can try to flash it but I'm a lil confused as to how to connect the wires to them.

The Multiwii has 4 pins. No big deal


But the CP2102 has six pins.


Now I know the 5V goes to the 5V and the GND goes to the GND but after looking at a few diagrams I'm a lil confused as to where the other two wires go. Do I go RXD to TXD and vice versa and why if so? Or do I go RXD to RXD and TXD to TXD?