Help with I2C - Connecting two LIDAR-Lite 2 Laser Rangefinder (PulsedLight)

Connecting two LIDAR-Lite 2 Laser Rangefinder (PulsedLight) to an Aurdino Mega.

Followed wiring diagram:

returning "NACK"

Have had two people check the code cannot find the error.

Anyone have any tips on what could be wrong with the code?

Connect a single sensor, and run the i2c_scanner.
Is the sensor detected ? Is the i2c_scanner sketch halted ?

If the sensor is detected, try the other sensor (but only one senser at a time).

Do you use an Arduino Uno ?
Which example sketch did you try ?
What is the value of the pullup resistors ?
How long are the wires of SDA and SCL ? Do you use a cable ? what kind of cable ?

I took a quick glance at the code of the library. I think it is very well written. I only noticed a "misplaced" delay(20) between Wire.write() and Wire.endTransmission(). A better place for that delay is before the Wire.beginTransmission.