Help with Relays

I have been following this ( But have replaced the light with a motor. I have it wired like this ( But no LEDs on the relay light up and the motors are not getting any signal. Please help. I have attached the code i am using, it is almost an exact copy of what is in the guide.

DelayOff.ino (400 Bytes)

The jpg image shows the relay connected to pin 7 of the Arduino. The code#define RELAY1  8 is using pin 8.

I am using Pin 8, I forgot to mention, sorry. I have changed the pin # multiple times just to see if it is a problem with one of the pins, still no success.

Can you provide a part number or specification for the relay you are using. Is it a 5v dc relay? What is the required current to switch the relay?

There are alot of numbers on the bottom of it, ill list them all out, but im not sure what is what, im still new at this.

10A 250VAC 10A 125VAC
10A 30VDC 10A 28VDC

SRD-05VDC-SL-C = Blue 5volt Songle relay. Most likely on a relay module.

The quickest way to solve this is to post a clear picture of YOUR setup. Leo..

Alright, Give me a minute

I think that is a relay which should work directly from an Arduino pin. There are three wires going to the Arduino. 5v, Gnd, and the signal line pin 8. There are two different images in the tutorial which show different physical arrangements of the three pins. Can you check that you are wired to the correctly identified terminals. Can you attach a photo of your relay which identifies the three pins?

How the Relay is wired up Orange- Pin 8 GND- GND VCC- 5v Thanks in advance

Two people trying to help you have asked for a photo of your relay and setup. Please provide one.

I am trying to, but it keeps telling me the file is too big, oh well. i Cropped it a bit, all the important stuff is still there i hope.

IMG_3034 - Copy - Copy.JPG

The code should work, and the wiring looks correct.

Do you have a multimeter and can confirm that the jumper wires are good, and that the 5v, Gnd, and the HIGH/LOW pulses are indeed showing on the the pins at the relay ends of the wires. Unfortunately, defective jumper wires are not unknown.

katte: ) But have replaced the light with a motor.

Replace the motor with a light , does it work ?

Hmm... There seems to be nothing coming out of the 5v... i will replace the wires and try again.

I requested a clear photo of the SETUP, not a blurry photo of three relay wires. Do you have a link to this relay board. Are you using an UNO, or other Arduino. How do you supply this setup. USB, battery, other. All parts of a setup are important. Leo..

Thank you so much! The problem seemed to be that an entire set of kalevel wires i received was faulty and would not carry current/would not reach the bottom of the pin, once i switched to another set of wires it works like a charm! I really appreciate all the help!

kalevel wires ?

Can you describe please i have never heard of them, google is not much help.

Sorry Wawa, I tried to post pictures of the entire setup, but the site kept stopping me from posting it, as it exceeded 1Mb. the wires that would not work were manufactured by a company called Kalavel, i bought them off amazon.

Don't know what the max upload size in pixels is, but I always try to scale to "1024 by xxx". That's usually not more than a few hundred k. Sharp enough for mast pictures, and it doesn't bog the server. Leo..