High-speed camera TTL trigger by Laser Barrier

In my experimental measurement, I will use Photron's high-speed camera (https://photron.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/IO-Signals.pdf).
I want to use laser light to hit the surface of the object. When I strike the object under test with an external force (hammer), because the strike path passes through the laser, the photosensitive element senses the change of the laser light and generates a TTL 5V signal controlled by Arduino to trigger the high-speed camera.
I saw similar practices on the Internet such as (https://www.instructables.com/High-Speed-Photography-Flash-Trigger-by-Sound-or-L/#discuss, etc.), but I am not sure if this is a TTL trigger.
Can anyone please help me with the answer problem

That’s basically the same code with a button that triggers a led when pushed.

Instead of the button you have the laser sensor.

Lighting the LED means setting a pin HIGH which is the TTL signal you are looking for

Does your camera take a picture or a movie? If it’s a picture then there might be a small delay you need to implement between the detection of the hammer crossing the laser beam versus hitting the surface (if this is the picture you want to take)

If it’s a movie, You’ll need to decide how long the Pin stays HIGH

Yes, I took pictures. Because I need a reference image (undeformed image) in my experiment, it is ideal for me to excite the structure after the camera is triggered. Thank you very much for your answer

if too want to deal with this through interrupts on a ATMEGA based arduino, consider reading this

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