Home Automation Network library - MySensors - [via nRF24L01]

There's a new library for Arduino out, which uses the nRF24L01 to create a mesh-network with arduino (or raspberry) as a Gateway, Relays and Sensors.

Website: http://mysensors.org/ API: http://mysensors.org/build/sensor_api Github: https://github.com/mysensors/

I think it's worth to look at and contribute!

Best regards

andriej, were you involved with the Vera Arduino plugin? I was waiting for Hek from the MiCasaVerde forum to finish up his project - which was this I believe. Excited to take a look.

Edit: I was just looking over the site. Very educational, and quite polished. Learning a lot just from reading it. Now that I'm reading the forum, I see that Hek is involved too. I'm excited to give this a try.

I have a couple of nRF24L01, and recently started playing with RFM69's. The RFM69 is 915MHz instead of 2.5GHz. But similar hardware requirements. Wonder if I could modify your sensor and sensor-repeater sketches to work with RFM69? The RFM69 library comes from Felix of Low Power Labs.

Very exciting to see people on the forum talk about possible integration with Domoticz. Data historization and visualization would be very cool. I'm having trouble posting on mysensors.org forum right now, but I'm looking to get involved.