Home Automation - Via Powerline Modem TDA5051 - I2C

Hi to All,

I am currently working on a prototype for Home Automation, I have tested my prototype using ESP01-8266 it is giving good results (my code is posted on github

My interest now is to Communicate between Master Arduino and the sensors using I2C protocol over power line (using existing power wires at home)

Now i am communicating between two Arduinos Using Wires (Arduino to Arduino connection using SDA and SCL connectivity, it is working fine (my test is done between Nano and mega)

I have done my research regarding power line communication (PLC), and my conclusion is to use TDA5051 modem chip (NXP) originaly by Philips.

My question is: did any one tried to connect Arduino (Any Type) to TDA5051, and if yes please can you help with the Schematic, and i will share my project details and findings on the forum

Thank you
Samir Tafesh

Hi to all,

My project of PowerLine communication (PLC) is now working perfectly,
i am able to send data between two Arduinos over AC power lines



attached is my first working prototype of PLC comunication,

i am sending data from Arduino - TDA5051 - Powerline - TDA5051 - Arduino
The results are as expetected

Samir Tafesh


Hi every body,

The link above is a small presentation of the modem using tda5051
I presented in it a communication between two arduinos over power lines.

The setup is as follows:

Arduino - tda5051 - powerline - tda5051 - arduino

Having any inquiries please reply back

Samir tafesh

Great project Mr Tafesh, very useful! Do you get a lot of noïse over long distance (house lenght)?
Could you share with us the shematic of your pcb and its components? Finaly, what is the data transfert speed?

Thank you so much!

Dear Mr. Ruelj,

Thank you for your reply and inquiry,
in fact after my tests in my Home, it is giving very good results with low noise even on Generator power.
the rate of the IC is 600 to 1200, in my applications i do not not need very high speed, the lower is the more accurate, most of my tests are done over 1200.

Please review my presentation on my YouTube channel: Samir Tafesh

in this presentation i am showing how we can address Multiple Slave over Serial and PLC modem

Attached the Schematic and photos of the Board,
Having any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me back

Samir Tafesh

Dear Mr. Samir,

I am interested in developing more on your project. Currently I am working on a Lighting control system and would like to include PLC as the mode of communication.

Could you please let me know the codes that you prepared for your demo setup.

I also noticed that you have not used any Power regulators in your design. I would like to know how you are managing to get the 5V required for the Arduino Pro Mini.

Please contact me on technobucks at gmail dot com

Dear technobucks,

Thank you for your interest in the project, and for your reply as well,

As for the Code it is based on RadioHead Serial library (former VirtualWire)
I customized it to work with PLC (powerline communication).

As for the presentation, since the main goal was the PLC modem, Sorry, i did not mention that the arduino is powered normally through a TTL adapter, but definitly we can use any 5v power converter to power up the Arduino, eg: mobile charger or your own design of power converter.

Attached is the Master Code used for the demo

Having any inquiry, please do not hesitate to reply back on the forum, so every body will profit from our experience, or by email samir.tafesh at gmail dot com

Samir Tafesh

RadioHeadMasterHumanEntry.ino (3.88 KB)

Hello Samir,
I have been reading about your project with interest. I am looking for a solution to the following problem.
I want to make a setup that reads the total amperage used on the incoming cables in my electric cabinet. (using 3 amp pickups connected to arduino for 3-phase), and then I would like to send that information over an electrical connection to another arduino that will control the consumption of some heavy electrical equipment depending on the info that it gets from the arduino in the electric cabinet.
I have stumpled upon this modem:

Is this a good option you think? I am kind of new to all this stuff, but I find it very exiting...


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Dear Raetser,

Thank you for your message, in fact it is a good device, and it should do the job,
Having any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me back

Samir Tafesh

Hello,U use the schematics,but the transformer doesn,t exist on the pcb.U use the 2 wire to make short between the pins from transformer.The tranfomer must be 1:1 but i don,t know the tension.In your schematic work without tranformer in the main with 220v or u use only 2 wire without any tension to do the tests?Thanks

I wonder if u implement this project for the Blynk application.U can post even the ino code for a slave?
I want to make a project contolled by the blynk application over the network(internet) and i don,t know how to to do exactly the communication between the master and the slaves arduino,s.I must put some id on the slaves?If u have some ideas.Thanks

Dear danpshyco,

thank you for the messages, and in fact the transformer is a 1:1 and it is used for isolation, the design can fully function baring in mind that it is not isolated, and at the time of the presentation my transformers were not arrived yet, so i presented without them, and yes there was 220V ac connected, you can check on my second video on youtube, you can see the graph on the oscilloscope

As for the client, yes we need to give each client an address

attached are the client and master source code, as well as the Radiohead library i used

Samir Tafesh

RadioHead-1.57.zip (355 KB)

RadioHeadClient.ino (3.4 KB)

RadioHeadMasterHumanEntrySelect.ino (4.2 KB)

great... great!
you got email!

any news about your project?
How does it run?

Dear Mega-hz,
The project is finalized, and it is giving good result, please check the demo

my email samir.tafesh at gmail com

Samir Tafesh

i already send a email to you, pls check your spam!

Dear mega-hz,

Sorry, i have not received any email from your side, would you please resend
samir.tafesh at gmail dot com

Samir Tafesh

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bom dia, esse circuito e possivel aplica a outros protocolos de rede