How Can I Transmit To Certain Frequency Using RF Transmitter?

I bet the person who gave you that permission hasn't got a clue to the ramifications of your experiment, it is possible he will lose his job as well.

Hysterical nonsense. You are totally out of line.

Three castigating posts in a row! Did this keep you up all night in a cold sweat?

Why not let up a little? What upsets you so much about such a simple little learning experiment happening on another continent entirely?

I am a radio ham, I understand the very serious consequences of illegal transmissions especially by some one who has no clue to what he is doing. He is being irresponsible.

Why not let up a little?


I also understand the legalities and "consequences". I completely disagree with your utterly hysterical assessment of the situation.

Get some sleep.

I can understand where G.M. is coming from. Unless any resulting interference affects some public service or big pocket company, chances of the FCC investigating it are mighty slim. That can be pretty disappointing to someone who followed the rules and bought certified equipment to have to put up with it, intentional or not.

@tinman: I like your signature!

@tinman: I like your signature!

It has served me well over the years. When frustrated, just put it down for a bit and it will come to me