How do I run a sign on Arduino 16x32 red LED matrix with Arduino Uno

Hi - so I am an absolute beginner, and just can't find the project which I am sure is out there. How do I turn the Arduino 16x32 red LED matrix into a sign? eg. scrolling saying 'happy birthday'. I have an Arduino Uno to drive it with. Thanks in advance, for even just the link to the project.

Here is a library for LED matrix modules. It comes with three examples. Perhaps one of the examples will get you started.

Thanks very much John, I had a look at the read me txt and some of the code. I need to have a look at the physical connections on the matrix and the board to see what fits where. Are there instructions on how to plug it together? Like I said above, I am an absolute beginner!

I am looking for a project that also has the schematics.

let's start from scratch.
What do you mean by

  • post a datasheet of your product
  • post a link to the product you have bought.
  • what code / library have you found already in the last 21 days?

Hi - the product link is Red LED Dot Matrix Display for Arduino | Jaycar Electronics and the product data sheet is there also - thanks for the pointer to look there. Should I follow the pinout (ie. pin1->D9, pin2-> D6)? I am hoping for a schematic, as in Arduino tutorial: LED Matrix red 32x8 256 Led - Arduino Project Hub (except, unlike that project, I am not using a blue tooth module). Regarding libraries , johnwasser suggested some in the post above. I am happy to give these a try, I just need to relearn the process of installing onto Uno, and trying to make sense of the readmes and code. Thanks for your help!

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