How does my 2S battery BMS work?

I ordered this BMS from AliExpress:

I have an 2S/2P 18650 configuration for general purpose power usage on my desk. I have an Lipo charger i can use, but i want the battery pack to hav it’s own BMS for safety regards to over/under voltage protection and balancing.

Here is my BMS connected to the battery:

B+ to battery positive (8.4V)
B- to battery minus
BM between battery 1 and 2

My question is:
Does this board also balance the batteries?

did you have read the product information and the data sheet?

No. Just the specs on the product site.

Draw out the schematic, you might be able to tell then.

Thats not a schematic of the circuit though, just a block diagram of the connections.

How can you tell whether its capable of balancing unless you know what all the individual components are and how they are connected ?

Ok. I do not have any schematic.

Normally they sense the voltage across each cell and introduce a load resistor across any
cell that is fully or over-charged to balance the cells. If the whole pack is over or under
voltage a MOSFET switches off the charging current completely.

As yours appears not to have load resistors it may balance by a different technique, or
not balance at all but just detect imbalance for shutdown.

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