how to add a new board to the IDE using the JSON tool ?

I have a custom board with two ATmega uP.
I would like to add the two processors to the IDE 1.8.2

This board at this time is NOT for the public ..
We just want to be able to use the IDE for the development of code .

I saw several examples of adding boards but they did not work since it looks like We need to submit **.JSON file(s) . ( I edited the boards.txt file and other files with new info ..
yet the new "board" does not show in the IDE.

Is there a simple document showing step by step how to create / edit the JSON file for a new board?
and also How does that gets into the installed IDE ?

Is there a blank template with How to instructions ?

** Do we have to re-install the IDE after creating the JSOn file ?

I have never used the .JSON tool ...

I am looking for a quick and dirty solution ..

Help anyone ?


I have answered your question in the other thread where you also asked this:

Please don’t cross post. It causes us to waste our time due to duplicate effort answering questions that were already answered elsewhere.

thank you