How to connect a HR-S4- 12V DC relay to Arduino to run a 12V solenoid

I have problem with the pin connections of the relay. It is quite confusing. Can anyone draw a simplified diagram so that I can follow that. I have attached the photo of the circuit which i followed. Kindly ignore the 230V from the bulb(solenoid) its 12V. I have 5 pins in the relay and have tried many ways nothing really worked so far.

Please help


The schematic is as simple as a schematic can get. Post a photo of the relay a link to the vendor that sells it and explain what you are doing that isn’t working.

The relay has 5pins

  1. NO (top left corner)
  2. NC (top right corner)
  3. a COM bottom middle
    4), 5) unnamed

Can you please tell me how the schematic refers to these pins ?

Well the schematic may have been written with the intent to use that relay but it does not actually reference the pin numbers on the relay pin out. It does however clearly identify the three terminals of the contacts,(common,NO,NC).
The coil is clearly shown as a coil so you have to understand that the symbol that looks like the spring inside a ball point pen is the schematic symbol for a relay coil , which is shown on the schematic with the same symbol next to two parallel lines which represent the core (you can ignore those). You need to wire the circuit as it is shown and your pinout list which you show pins 4 and 5 as "un-named" showed be edited to reflect the pin names as Coil-pin-1 , and Coil-pin-2. It can be connected either way as far as polarity is concerned. It doesn't care which of the coil pins is connected to +V and which is GND. The polarity is not important.
That should answer your question.