How to connect a real speaker with arduino

hi I know some about Arduino and a bit of a beginner my doubt is
how to make Arduino play some sound using real-time pc speaker

I want my Arduino to play many words(about 30-50) or play music from a pen drive(no sd card)

(as I am beginner help)
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You need an audio amplifier of some sort. Small modules are available, for example, this one.

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what have you tried? if I google " How to connect a real speaker with arduino" there are many answers, some of which sound promising...

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but nothing for a real speaker

what about this one? right on Arduino''s web site

but nothing for a real speaker

See reply #1

Or you could just try one of these..

I've used them and the actually work great.

-jim lee

connect the Ground of the Arduino to the 'sleeve' contact of the mini phone plug that normally goes it the PC's headphone jack. The sleeve is the long contact at the base of the connector. Connect the output pin to the 'tip' and 'ring' contacts of the mini phone plug. The 'tip' is the end of the plug and the 'ring' is between the 'tip' and 'sleeve'. They are the left and right audio channels.

You will need a USB Host adapter and special software to get your Arduino UNO to read from a 'pen drive'.

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I hope you help I want that but how to connect
my speaker has 3 rings (2 small,1 big ring),what pin to connect on three pins

A quick googling on stereo audio jack wiring would give you some answers


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Why are you talking about a STEREO PLUG when
an arduino doesn't have STEREO ?
As stated , you need a STEREO amplifier and software that outputs left and right channel audio on separate pins with capacitors in series to block the dc.

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What is the impedance of the speakers?
What resistance do you measure across the "speaker" terminals/wires you will be connecting the Arduino to.
Are they speaker/amplifier combination?

Can you please post a picture of your "speakers" including any leads/connections it has.

If your "speaker" has impedance of 8 Ohms then connecting it directly to a digital output, 5V logic.

I = V / R = 5 / 8 = 0.625A = 625mA.

The output pin would not be very happy.

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Do not confuse "impedance" with "resistance". The impedance is a measure of the effective AC resistance at some frequency, perhaps 1000Hz. The DC resistance will be a fraction of 1 Ohm.

For a speaker, an ohmmeter reads very close to the impedance value because the voice coil reactance is quite small at audio frequencies.

Voice coil impedance is due to the very strong magnetic field. How long a piece of copper wire, say #30 will be to have a resistance of 8 Ohms?

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