How to connect the Pressure Sensor with Arduino?

Hey, I tried connecting the DIP, Dual Rad Barbed Honeywell Pressure Sensor to the Arduino Board using Bread board. Can anyone help me with the connections of the sensor with the Arduino Board. I have attached the data sheet of the pressure sensor as well. In the data sheet it states that their are eight possible connections but no specific details are given that would help me connect it to the Arduino Board. Thank you!

The attached file has no information for interfacing the sensor. Post a real data sheet or the exact and complete part number of your sensor.

Which Arduino board are you using?

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I tried attaching the real data sheet but I assume the file was too big. I am attaching the installation instructions with this message. I am unfamiliar with circuit diagrams and would be grateful if you could help me out. If you still feel that there is something missing the details of the part are as follows:

Company Name: Mouser Electronics
Mouser P/N: 785-SSCDRRN005PD2A3
Description: DIP, Dual Rad Barbed Honeywell Board Mount Pressure Sensor

The part above can be seen on the website as well. The Arduino Board I am using is Arduino UNO R3 Compatible Atmega328P Board. Thank you!

honeywell-sensing-trustability-rsc-series-installation-instructions-32321347-b-en.pdf (1.59 MB)

From the PDF you linked to, see table 9 and figure 6 for the connections.


I have already looked at figure 6 and table 9 but I can't understand it due to limited experience with circuit diagrams and Arduinos. Could you explain me how to wire this up with an Arduino? Thank you!

Explanation on this forum isn't going to get any better than those (to me) very clear circuit diagrams and pinout table.

If you can't understand what's written there, do take some lessons on basic electronics as you're very likely to destroy your sensors by wiring it wrong. Find someone close to you who can show you hands on how to read those things, what physical components go where, etc.

Thank you!