How to Control 7 Segment LCD

Hi… Have anybody tested this kind of lcds?

There are a lot of terminals… It it some controller, or each terminal must to be connect to our arduinos?


or some like this one... how to control with our arduinos?


First of all, thank you for arrogance, Mr Genius!

Why the hell do you think I haven't tried searching on google before?

If you are THE GUY here, do me a favor, search some post on google talking about how to drive a FSTN-Type-Custom 7 segment lcd for me, ok?


spycatcher2k: Try GOOGLE >:(

That's why arduino comunity doesn't grow as it should! Because people like you.

If a beginner sees a stupid answer like yours, he will never post any question because he is afraid, you know?



spycatcher2k: I'm a woman you arrogant twat - I did, and found exactly what was need to get it working.

If you are here you are also searching for help for some project sometime! So don't answer anything when you don't know what you are talking about. and no you didn't find anything, now stop saying bullshit!

If someone serious, can help I would apreciate. Tks a lot


Once again, you didn't help me at all! What you did I did days ago..!! PLEASE STOP !

Whatever, if someone have used ARDUINO to drive FSTN Type Custom Size LCD 7 Segment, like image attatched, I would apreciate.


spycatcher2k: And I'm not here to ask, I'm here to help.

Sorry but you missed your opportunity to help!

Good luck!


It is not easy task to handle the lcd seven segments, I was intimidated.. Check this application notes from Atmel

Actually LCDs cant just be pulled to DC.. it must have something like 100Hz AC to work properly..

I'll check this out. Thankd a lot.