How to create a Wireless RF circuit activated by an ultrasonic sensor for interesting project?

Well that was a good start to the project, have received my Arduino Nano, well I bought the Elegoo version on Amazon, it arrived, I have connected it to my PC and read information online saying to use the "Old Bootloader" option but I cannot upload the basic blink sketch. Looked on the Amazon reviews and someone suggests you need to download drivers from the Elegoo website. so I go to the Elegoo website and website is unavailable, so either their website is down or they have gone bust?

UPDATE** It's just gone back online, downloading drivers, let's see if I can get this thing to work lol😁

Without any links to the information you are using, everyone else is in the dark so future assistance would then be futile.
The driver would be available almost anywhere for the ch340.

Thanks, I managed to download the drivers from the Elegoo website when it came back on, I thought the drivers were specific to the Elegoo board. Anyway, I installed them and the board I was using then worked, although I bought a 3 pack and the other 2 nano's didn't work, I had to reinstall the drivers again and now they all work. :+1: