How to display data left to right in place of vertically

How do I Serial.print data left to right in place of vertically? I attached a pick of my code and how it displays. Hopefully some one can point me in the right direction.

Thanks Vern

Copy and paste your code, using code tags, please. Don't take screen shots of it.

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Serial.println starts a new line, if that is what you mean by "go down vertically".

Nick thanks for the reply. The reason I took a screen shot was to show how it was printing on the serial monitor I would like to display my data from left to right temp on the serial monitor but its coming out stacked

Like this
86.2 humidity 32% grams 1006

Not like this
temp 86.2
humidity 32%
grams 1006


Serial.print(temperatureF); Serial.println(" degrees F");
Serial.print("\t"); //tab
Serial.print(DHT.humidity, 1); Serial.println(" % Humidity");
Serial.print(Grams); Serial.println("Grams");
Serial.print(Ounces); Serial.println(" Ounces");
Serial.print(Lbs); Serial.println(" Pounds");
Serial.print(Cal); Serial.println(" Cal");

Serial.println(" degrees F");

Do NOT use println() if you don't want a carriage return and line feed. It isn't rocket science, you know.

Ok i got it thanks... At first i removed all ln commands then it kept auto scrolling to the right i mage another line of code at the end of all my data with an ln command and it works perfectly..Thanks Vern