how to make motors spin different ways with arduino

hello and thatnk you very much for helping me. i wanted to know how can i make two motors spin clockwise and two spin counterclockwise and i want to do this using the arduino. Also the motors will be spinning at max power?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to tell us about the motors - they could be tiny mobile phone vibra motors, or they could be diesel truck starter motors.

If they are DC motors and you wish them all to operate simultaneously (at the same time) then irrespective of whatever you may need to supply both control and power, it is simply a case of wiring two with normal polarity (motor +ve to power +ve, motor -ve to power -ve) and wiring the other pair with reverse polarity (motor +ve to power -ve, motor -ve to power +ve)

What will you use the Arduino to do? turn the motors on and off? all at once or individually? control the speed or torque? the direction?

You need to read this

HEY I FOLLOWED THE CIRCUITRY FROM THE SITE THAT YOU GAVE ME but im not sure how to ground it can you please help me?

All grounds must be common. That is connected together.
For why see:-

jj, please stop starting all these threads...This question has been answered already in at least one of your OTHER threads. I don't mean to be snapping at you, but just how many threads are you going to start about "I want to control motors at max speed with arduino", of varying number of motors? You are getting answers that in the long run probably will not be compatible with each other, instead of telling us (once) what you are trying to do clearly, you are hitting us in ten different directions with vague "I wanna run a motor" and "I wanna program" threads. You are going to run into problems if you are trying to put all the answers from all these into one project, but if we were looking at this from a single discussion, we could be looking for an integrated (and integratable) solution for the problem.

The answer is that you do it exactly the same way as instructed in the "how do I add more motors" thread you started, except two of the motors will be connected "backwards", that's it.. the only modification that would be a good idea would be to put a flyback diode on each motor rather than one diode for all of them (as now you will have spikes in two "directions"). Since the circuits and such are already referenced in that thread, it's probably best to have this disussion in the thread that the answer is already given in :wink:

We do expect that you are willing to do at least a LITTLE of your own thinking here... please read through the answers you have already been given before asking the same question again in a different thread. Folks are willing to assist, but please don't abuse that... running a half dozen threads on the same subject is counterproductive and is also a real turnoff for the folks trying to help.. thanks!