How to make piezo disc vibrate as output

I have a piezo disc (20 mm), can I make it vibrate as an output from my Arduino?

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You can attach it to an Arduino output and call tone( ).


thank you :slight_smile:
the piezo makes sounds but doesn't vibrate (that I can feel), you know how to do that?

What makes you think it can vibrate in that way?

Here is a vibrator:

mmmm it can't?
I have read somewhere it can :frowning:
So you know what sensor or something can do that?


Not all piezo are equal, some are designed as sounders but low-power. Other industrial strength units like used in an ultrasonic cleaner consume a significant amount of power and can even weld steel.

A link to brush-up:

It does vibrate, but you may not notice it. The small piezo disks used for alarms and buzzers are designed to have a significant response only over a limited frequency range, usually tones between about 2 and 4 kHz.