How to make weather station

Hello everyone,
i'd like to make weather station for wunderground. In italy i've created a little live weathermap.
How to make only thermohygrometer with arduino and solar panel?
I thought:

-arduino uno with wi fi (for now, but in future i'd like to use 3g (if it exists)

  • AHT20 ( it have a good accuracy)

But which solar panel and battery i have to buy?
Do you have advice?
What case can i use for protect arduino?

Help me, step by step, cause it's very important for me and i care it.

Sorry for my bad english. It's my first project

I had opened my solar powered weather station this weekend, here is a pic of some of the guts.

A consideration is power. Are you going to try to use LiPo or something a whole lot better like LiFePo4's. I tried the LiPo route, it works OK. The LiFeP04 route has worked great.

I use an ESP32.

What weather information do you want to collect is another concern. I collect air temperature, humidity, AQI, wind speed, wind direction, and rain fall. I also collect current and voltage of the battery levels.

You'll want to house the project. For the best results the measurement package should be exposed to the weather. I use a Stevenson's Shield to house the BME680. See the structure at the top of the electronic enclosure.

Thank u for answer. Why all people use ESP32? And not arduino with wi fi?
How is BME680?
I wrote of AHT20 cause it has 0.3 accuracy (like Davis thermohygrometer)

My project consists to make thermohygrometer with arduino. The sensor goes to in radiation shield. Arduino in box
I'd like to set solar panel on radiation shield.

USE: I want to make a lot of station weather for my network (at low cost, max 50 euro)

i don't know anything about batteries.
Another question: does arduino breaks (in box) under rain or with temperature (<-10°C)?

An Arduino with WiFi is basically a 8 bit controller controlling a 32 bit controller called an ESP.

An ESP32 is all 32 bits and not hampered with a 8 bit brick.

Works great lasts a long time.

I do not use an Arduino.

The project worked fine covered with snow.

What kind of "card" do you have?

What accuracy does it has?


Relative accuracy is quite good and tacks with the airport weather station that is 3 miles away.

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