How to read a single input from a sensor accelerometer

Hi there

I am doing some research into mass movement of motorcycles and am trying to measure the acceleration of the masses using an accelerometer. I have a datron 2D accelerometer that has three wires. 1 12V voltage input, 1 ground and 1 signal. Is it possible to attach the input and output to a remote 12V source and measure the signal using just an arduino with the one wire.


Please post a data sheet for the accelerometer. You will need 2 wires from the sensor to the Arduino, signal and ground. Whether or not the signal can be directly to an Arduino input connected or needs some conditioning (voltage divider, level shift) depends on the signal, which the data sheet will tell. Also it is important for us to know the Arduino model that you are using.

and i'm using a genuine arduino uno and i believe it's a r3

The output of that sensor is 0-5V, which is a perfect fit for the analog input of the Arduino.

Connect all the grounds, and the output of the sensor to one of the analog pins. Power must be supplied to the sensor via a separate 12V supply, so three wires are required.

May use the following “Reference” sections:

  • Analog read
  • Map- to cenvert the ADC voltage into your physical units