How to reset an Arduino Primo board to factory settings.

Out of the box the Arduino Primo comes with a web server and a web page.
Some time ago I put mine to STA mode, but forgot the details.
Does anyone know if there is a way to get my Primo back to its orignal out of the box state?
I cannot use the WiFi part anymore.. :frowning:

I searched on "factory reset arduino Primo", but no luck so far

Thanks in advance


try the WebClient example of the WiFiLink library. it should print the IP address.
menu File, submenu Examples, WiFiLink, WebClient

Thanks for the hint, unfortunately not much luck there, the sketch compiles and loads happily but then on the serial the following message gets printed :

Error0Communication with WiFi module not established.

The "Errror0" is generated within the WiFi.Status() call, i have not looked in the source code of the WiFiLink library yet (no time yet), but perhaps someone has seen this before..

The WiFilink library is version 1.0.1

try this

Thsanks Juraj,

I know these are the steps to get going with the Primo and I did those (over a year ago). The NRF52 is just working fine, I can load sketchesto it and they run, but the ESP 2866 is in STA mode and therefor it is not advertising its SSID and through WiFi i cannot cpnnect to it. So what I really need is to reset the ESP2866 to its original state, but I have to clue how to do that. (outside perhaps by ploughing through the source code of the firmware)


the firmware has a bug and is always in STA+AP mode. so you must see the network it creates

I tried InSSID on my PC but can't find the Primo there.
The WiFi network where I originally configured the Primo is in my summer house (150km away ;-))
So I guess I will need to wait until we get back there..

A more general remark: I have a hard time getting the technical details for the Primo. With earlier Arduino models this was a lot easier, just download the data sheets from Atmel and you have most of it. Here there is little detail on how the NRF and the ESP play together. I also saw that the Primo has been retired, pretty fast for a relative new board with a high price.. So from that perspective the Primo seems to be a failure..

I am a big fan of ESP32 and use a few of them for several projects, but this time I wanted to update an existing project what uses a Leonardo and extend it with WiFi and BLE capabilities. Ideally I would use an ESP32 with Arduino Uno Form factor. There are a few about, but their suppliers do not give me a lot of faith, I would rather use a "known" supplier such as adafruit or sparkfun.

Having said all this, I still would like to "revive" my Primo :wink:

the firmware goes to AP mode if it can't connect to configured SSID. did you look at WiFi networks list in your computer?