How to run Arduino project on Fritzing?

Hello guys, I have entered the world of e-Circuits, I am following a course on the YouTube, but I want to try everything I do on the Fritzing, So and after writing the code how do I run my project on Fritzing!?

After i click on upload i got this error message in code section!
( No uploader for Arduino specified. Go to Preferences > Code View to configure it. )

Glad to be Arduino friend :slight_smile:

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Hali H. Iliya

Fritzing is just a tool to create a drawing of your project.

What is your project? Post a picture using the “insert an image” button in the menu above (mouse over them, their names will appear).
What code are you trying to run? Post your code using the “code” button. (</>)

What did you do when you got the message you posted? What version of IDE are you running, and on what kind of computer?

Thanks bro for your helpful replaying.
bro first i'm trying to learn basics of the e-c.

i can buy arduino from ebay, but i do not want to buy it because it's expensive for me right now because i started learning basics! so i need something like fritzing to draw and code what i want to run it!

please talk with me clearly.
what you mean of IDE !? and how to check the version of it?

and about pc i use:
ssd drive
GeForce GTX 980 TI 6gb
32 GB ram
asus z97-e

how i get error message:
after i drawing what i need and codding it then i'm going to click on ( upload ) in fritzing exactly in code section then i get that error message at bottom of the code editor.

Thanks again for your replay, i still need help to drawing and codding and running arduino projects in any simulation, it's not important if i working on fritzing or another simulation software to learn basics.

i cannt upload anything to you right now because i replay this message from mobile.

Arduino clones on ebay are insanely cheap...

As far as I can tell fritzing does not have the ability to emulate an Arduino, just (it sounds like) some functionality like the IDE. The frizing documentation should have more information on it's capabilities here.

There are some tools that actually let you simulate running code on an Arduino/atmega - but they don't do a very good job of it (as in, there are differences between the simulator and what the actual chip does) - there's no substitute for the actual hardware.

Download the IDE here:

I've only used the downloaded version, and not the online Web Editor.

Yes you're right arduino is cheap on ebay

But when I order it from another site to get it to Iraq it costs 140$.

If you can give me a simulation that do the basic things i will be so happy.

Thanks for your replaying bro.


Bro what IDE doing!
can i draw and code and run arduino in that link you gives it to me!

One of the tools that pretends to be able to simulate an Arduino is Proteus. I've never used it so can't say if it's exactly what you're looking for. And it's not perfect based on the questions on this site.

You can look at that but you will not find support on this site; I've never seen a proteus question being solved on this site.

I realize this may be a bit late. But I ran into this tool and it was very helpful. You seem to describe the same situation I am in. You want to start learning but can't get the real thing right now. So this is a software tool that simulates Arduino Uno. It even has I/O devices. You can load your code there and test it. It can only carry you through some beginner exercises, beyond that you will need the real thing, should keep you busy for about 3 months. Get it here:

Best of luck!

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use tinkercad , its easy and online.

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