How to swich on and off a 230 Vac 16 A Motor with arduino?

Hello Arduino Community,

I have a doubt I just want to switch on and off a 230 Vac 16 A Motor with Arduino.

The thing is I`m not sure if I can use the schematic (attached) just making little changes like, adding a Diac BR100 on MT2.

What do you think?

That is reasonably big motor. More than a simple relay. You will need a motor contactor or high current (40A) SSR.


Universal or induction motor?

I didn’t attached the schematics I think I might use

Use an Opto to “switch on” the Triac.

What do you think

Circuito 1.png

What kind of motor?

That looks pretty conventional to me.

Is the left-hand side of the circuit what you actually want to build? A 1v supply driving the LED won't work very well. LEDs need current and they need enough voltage to overcome the diode drop. Most LEDs are 1.2v, and what's inside the optocoupler is just an ordinary LED.

A supply of 3v or more will be required, along with an appropriate current limiting resistor.

Thanks I allready change it to 5V and add a resistor, but the problem is on the Triac I think.

And yes is an Universal Motor

Ag good, universal motors are less nasty to switch and you can even do crude speed control with a triac circuit (well perhaps with smaller motors).

In a universal motor the inductance of the field coils will send its current through the armature on switch off rather than cause a massive arc like with an induction motor. Assuming shunt-wound universal motor, that is.