Human Presence Detection "Science"...

Hi, I want to share an idea around the topic of Renewable Energy, that I believe can unleash a big (and good) amount of motivation for all “Duiners”...

[A Science for Human Presence Detection]

  1. The idea is to use a simple Arduino Uno and some simple and cheap sensors to be able to detect the presence of human beings on specific places, like an office (room).
  2. Then, use this information to control things like illumination light (Ex. LED light).
  3. As an example, when humans are detected then the light goes to 80%, when no human presence is detected then the light intensity goes to 10%... we still can switch it ON (100%) or OFF (0%) by voluntary control...

I am starting with 2 simple sensors, a microphone to detect noise/sound and a LDR to detect variation in light intensity as little DEVICES.
Also, I am doing a little Python script to read serial data and PLOT/SAVE/SHOW the data coming from the serial port (Arduino), as a TOOL, for this investigation.

The goal is to arrive at very simple and cheap devices/configurations and to have very easy software modules which are simple enough for the average Duino-User to understand and modify/adapt.

Lots of things to do before having the whole idea working but even at this stage I want to share the idea so that others can start to play with this notion:

Picture below is the "argument" that this kind of tool can create lots of new possibilities...

Since I am going to focus on the whole itself, the progress of features of any part will go a little bit slow, so sharing the idea now is the best thing to do, other than waiting until optimized versions of the parts are achieved...
At least the very basic things we need to start experimentation is (almost) done...

Here are the links where I am writing about it:
[Human Presence Science]

[Mic Sound Detector]

[LDR Light Detector]

[Python-Duino Serial Visual Logger]
A working prototype code is there.

Regards all,

[Update Python Visual Logger]
First tentative for the 2-bytes-per-channel serial protocol.
Still some issues to resolve, but the general idea seems to work…

10bits for data + 4bits for channel + 2 bits for msb/lsb signal…

Python code and Arduino code prototypes available…


[ Update - 2016/Jan/16 ]

Enough to start the experimentation/investigation:
a) Two Device Definitions Tools (sound detector and light detector)
b) Visual Scope Software Tool
c) The Vision for the “why” {ECO, Renewable Energy}

After putting some effort in the definition of the idea and establishing some basic tools to start the investigation, I believe that the investigation/experimentation itself can now begin…

Current tools are very basic, however, enough to start looking at the question by running experimentation...
I hope to continue to make these tools better as the experimentation/investigation goes on...




Link: Human Presence Science | ECOxLife


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