i need xbee help

hi i have this rc car that i put an arduino in and i have a pan and tilt camera in the back i would like to know how to hook up an x bee so i can both control the car, the camera, and send the video back to my computer wirelessly any help would be greatly appreciated thax

Is it a wireless camera? If not, the XBees are not fast enough to stream real time video.

You do have two XBees, right?

so there is no way i can plug the av cable from the camera into the arduino and send it back and if so i still need help on how to hock up the car controls to the x bee :o

No, the Arduino is not fast enough, powerful enough, nor does it have enough memory to stream real time video.

You can send data from one XBee to another. If the receiving XBee is attached to an Arduino, it can interpret the data as commands, like MotorOn, or TurnRight, or Stop, or PanLeft 30, or TiltUp 15.

It’s up to use to define a set of commands that one XBee can send and the other can receive. The commands and data associated with the commands form a protocol.

The XBees can be configured to set/get sensor data directly, too. So, it’s possible that you don’t even need an Arduino.

A lot depends on what you want the car to do (and what it’s capable of), and where the commands to control the car are coming from. A few more details would be useful.

do u know any other way i could get that vid feed??? http://www.arduino.cc/yabbfiles/Templates/Forum/default/question.gif

ignore the link

also when i took apart the car the the steering servo had 6 wires how do i hook that up to the arduino :question

A typical servo has 3 wires - power in, signal in, and ground. If you have more than that, you'll need to find the data sheet for the servo, and see how it is wired.

It may not be possible (in fact, probably won't be possible) to power and drive the servo from the Arduino. You'll need separate power for the servo.