I want to turn my arduino into a TV remote. How can I get the IR codes?

I've been using a small flat-screen TV as a third monitor for a couple years. Now I'm changing my monitor setup, and I have to change a setting in the TV's menu. Unfortunately I've lost the remote a long time ago, so all I can do is to put an IR led on one of my arduinos and use that to navigate the menu.

The problem is that I have no idea how to get the IR codes that correspond to remote buttons like MENU, OK, Arrows, etc...

All I know is that the remote's model number is RC1900, and the TV is an Akai LT2220DVD. I've been looking for TV remote databases for the last two hours, but I couldn't find anything.

I'm looking for something that I could use with an IR library like IRemote.

It might be simpler and faster to just a get cheapie universal remote and program it to the TV. Then set up an IR receive circuit on a breadboard and view/record the codes you get for each function with IRremote.

This might help...

Using IR Remote Controls with the Arduino
from DroneBot Workshop

I figured it out by brute-forcing the codes :slight_smile:

Fortunately my TV uses single-byte codes so it was easy.

Could you please explain what have you done exactly?
I am just a beginner needs to understand.