I want to use an industrial pressure tranducer

Hi. I'm sophomore in university. I entered Rocket Team in university. and we made rocket. But we should test rocket engine's internal pressure. please help our team...

I want to use an industrial pressure transducer. I want to operate this industrial sensor with Arduino, but I don't know how. I broke three Arduinoes now. The sensor includes a 50 bar Prignitz En 175301-803-C and a 1000 psi M5241-000005-01KPG. I want to know the code and how to use it. Thank you for your help.

sensor link

How are you connecting the devices?
You're using the 1-5V version (Code 4), correct?

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Hi, can you show us the circuit diagram?

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What sort of rocket? What is the pressure sensor supposed to measure? Something like liquid fuel pressure?

The sensor you linked is a "gauge" pressure sensor, which measures positive pressures relative to atmospheric pressure.

Most people would use an absolute pressure sensor for a rocket, such as this one: Pololu - LPS331AP Pressure/Altitude Sensor Carrier with Voltage Regulator

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