IC controlled RF beacon to Arduino

I am working on creating this rf beacons to locate a drone and I would like to be able to use an arduino, with a 443 mhz receiver, to find it.


How would I have the arduino connect or find the beacon's signal. All of my components and the arduino works.

Thanks in advance

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Theres not much an Arduino can do other than simply detect there is a beacon somewhere, if you have a 433 Mhz receiver. It cant tell you where. The only way which may help is to use a receiver which has some form of RSSI output, and a highly directional antenna. RSSI is unfortunately not a reliable way of determining signal strength, especially if the target is on the ground. The only reliable way of tracking down a drone is to put a GPS receiver on the drone , and arrange for it to send its location via lat and long to a receiver or a phone via GSM.

An Arduino and one of those simple 433Mhz receiver modules, might pick up the signal from the 'beacon' if your close enough. But I suspect by then you will be able to see the drone. And you wont get a direction either.

The simplest tone based beacon would transmit a FM\FSK type tone which you can pick up with a low cost UHF handhled at quite long range. With this type of beacon you can get a direction indication using a directional antenna such as a yagi or indeed with a bit of practice you can use your body with the body fade direction finding technique.

I dont know specifically but I think those cheap 433Mhz modules are AFSK and wont be picked up on a cheap UHF handheld, you would need a more sophisticated scanner that provides AM coverage at 433Mhz.

The only use I can see for an Arduino as receiver is if the beacon is transmitting GPS co-ordinates.

How would I have the arduino connect or find the beacon's signal.

Basically it can't.

Hunting for hidden transmitters is a popular activity among radio hams it is called a Fox Hunt

Something like this would be useful: https://uk.farnell.com/lprs/yagi-434a/antenna-yagi-7-element-434mhz/dp/2096215