Inclinometer - Pitch and Roll display

Hi guys

Im doing some research on a little project i want to do for my vehicle, an inclinometer with pitch and roll images that moves when the angles change and that display angle in text on the top.

Now my question is this, what will the best screen be for automotive use, the Nextion HMI does not do well in sunlight at all.

My next question is , the display on the lcd screen will basically be a side view (pitch) of a vehicle and a back view (roll) of the vehicle. These 2 images needs to be displayed seperate and must be able to rotate a few degrees both ways and displaybthe text value in degrees above it.

Any help or input? Im way in over my head by any guidance or help will be much appreciated

Can I suggest you try a mechanical display, using two servos.
The image of your vehicle side and front on each.
I have seen mechanical units like you describe and if you want good visibility, then that may be the way to go.

Tom.. :slight_smile: